London Christian Academy

85 Charles Street
London, ON N6H 1H1
P: (519) 473-3332
F: (519) 473-9843

Gift Card Program

Mrs. D is available everyday from 8:40-9:00am in her office for your Gift Card Needs.  Parents may also send order forms along with payment into the school with their children to pick up from Mrs. D at Kiss 'N Ride.

Please note that gift cards become your responsibility once you take possession and should be treated as cash. You are encouraged to record the identification number found on the back of all gift cards as this will increase the ability to track and possibly recover your investment if your cards are lost or stolen.

Please note that Loblaw/Superstore/PC gift cards purchased through the Gift Card Program may not be redeemed for third party gift cards in any Loblaw or Loblaw affiliates retail store. (No purchasing other stores gift cards with the Loblaw/Superstore/PC gift cards.)

YELLOW PRE-ORDER FORMS are due to Mrs. D. along with payment on these dates by 9:00am: Monday March 23, Monday April 27, and Monday May 25.