London Christian Academy

85 Charles Street
London, ON N6H 1H1
P: (519) 473-3332

Other Ways to Fundraise

Gift Card Program

Mrs. D is available.  Please contact her at to make arrangements.

Pre-Paid Non Stock Gift Cards (Yellow Form). Please have your order into me by 9:00 am on February 22, March 29, April 26.

Elmira Chicken

2021 Order Dates

Order Due Date: Monday February 22, 2021.  Pick-up Date: March 11, 2021.

Elmira Chicken Order Form


Epicure is taking the best of the good food and real food movements home - where it counts. Our Epicure consultant is Mindy and you may reach here at 10% of your subtotal will go towards your tuition.

Jennard Cheese


2021 Order Dates

Order Due Date: Monday February 22, 2021.  Pick-up Date: March 11, 2021.

Jennard Cheese Order Form


LCA mom Dannielle Girges is an independent Marketing Partner with Monat.  Monat products are naturally based premium aging hair care.  Dannielle will give back 15% to your tuition of your order.  Please contact her at  or 519-851-2808.  Visit

PuRe Natural Stuff / Moyle's Oyles

100% Pure Natural products for skin care, health and beauty for both men, women and children. Affordable prices to enable everyone to enjoy PuRe Products. You will receive 10% of your basket order will go towards your tuition.  For more information or to place an order, contact Erinn at:  

Paper & Twine Craft Co.

Christine Kerr has joined the fundraising endeavors of LCA with her creative gifts. Christine is a creative, craft-loving stationary or decorating maker who customizes your request. So if you are looking for birthday decorations including invitations and banners, cards or artwork for kids rooms and yarn wall hangings.  She also does custom cards for all occasions.  Christine does it all.   

Colour your own Valentine's Kits for kids are available.  $5.00 from each set purchased will be donated back to LCA.

Fundraising Code: LCAFAMILY

You are able to see her creative work on and http;// You can contact her at

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