London Christian Academy

85 Charles Street
London, ON N6H 1H1
P: (519) 473-3332
F: (519) 473-9843


Our tuition is very competitive with other privately-funded schools in the area. Please contact the school to schedule a visit for more information.


Tuition assistance is available for eligible families and is allocated according to need. Applications are available in the office.

Additional Fees

Registration is $250.00 for families who register after March 31.

$150.00 for families who register by March 31.


Additional fees may be applied: for children in the resource program who have been assessed and identified with specific learning disabilities.

T.R.I.P. (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program)

Each family is responsible for a designated amount of fundraising and/or donations, which allows us to keep tuition costs at current levels. The required amount per family is $500 for families with one child, $900 for two children and $1200 for three or more children (TRIP requirements are pro-rated for part-time students). Families who do not wish to participate in school fundraising events may pay this amount up front in September. Those families who do participate but are not able to raise the entire amount of the obligation must pay the balance by the end of June. (Downloadable Order forms for T.R.I.P gift certificates can be found here.)

Payment Options

  • Annual Payment
  • Semi-annual payment (September and January)
  • 10 months starting August 1st

Refund Policy

Pre-paid tuition amounts will be refunded for any months a student is no longer in attendance at LCA excluding the payment for the month within which the child was last in attendance. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Consumer Protection Policy

It is our desire at London Christian Academy to provide you with excellent education for your children that is not only effective but cost efficient as well. We mean to be good stewards of all our resources - financial and otherwise. As such, we have put into place policies and procedures to ensure good financial practices to protect both the school and the consumer. For more information on consumer protection, visit the website of the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

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