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Random dance party!
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Visiting the Riverside Retirement Residence
Canada sharing time
Math PBL - How long is the flag?
Mrs. Wyant visited with baby Parker
Visiting the Grade 6 Science Fair
Making patterns
Presenting our Apple PBL to the Grade 2 Class
Refugee Christmas Missions Drive
Making houses (to learn our addresses)
Sorting our houses according to different attributes
Meeting a real Canadian soldier
Discovering poppy seeds on his bagel
Bible Dress-up Day
Eating our pumpkin seeds - yum!
Visiting our tree in the late Fall
Visiting our tree in the early Fall
Our Tree: Early Fall
Going on a Tree Walk through the park
Our Summer Tree
Practicing writing our numbers
Thursday Apple Project-Based Learning
Making applesauce
Eating our applesauce - yum!
SKs are thankful for...
Sharing our Thank You note with Mrs. Jongepier
Delivering our Thank You note to Mr. Hesman
Our Creation Display
Late summer: Our class tree
Tasting sunflower seeds... yummy!
Graphing ourselves
Our Tree: Summer
Our Summer tree
Re-potting our sunflowers
Our sunflowers are growing
Field trip to the Children's Museum
Growing a Maple seedling
Reading Buddies with the Grade 1 and 2 classes
Our Tree: Late Spring
Our tree has buds!
Fun at the Walkathon
Looking for buds on our tree
Cheering on the Grade 1 and 2 T-Ball game
We're waiting patiently for our dinosaur egg to hatch!
Paleontologists hard at work
Group photo at the playground!
Visiting our tree in the early Spring
Collaborative Group Writing
studying "dinosaur" bones
Jersey Day!
Superman x3 = Supermen!
Happy Hat Day!
Same hats + almost the same name = a confused teacher!
Eye check-up at the Doctor's Office
Making Easter lilies with Mrs. Williams
Palm Sunday: Hosanna to the King!
We wondered how long our intestines were. We measured out 8.2 metres (students are standing to mark each metre)
Balancing a book on their heads!
Welcome to London: an afternoon PBL
How can we build a city and what will we need? We brainstormed ideas, voted on a name, and then built and played in our city.
We built the Great Wall of China!
Learning about the 'ch' blend
Chinese calligraphy
We made Chinese lanterns!
The Doctor's office is now open
100 Acts of Kindness
Filling out our calendar booklets for February
What wonderful questions the children are asking!
Come and see how hard we worked on our PBL writing pieces (located in the hallway outside our classroom)
The Girls on Pyjama Day
The Boys on Pyjama Day
Playing Teacher
We edited and created our good copies... yay!
Class collaboration
Happy 100 Day!
Class brainstorming session about Jesus' miracles
Our Tree (Winter)
Writing about our tree
Writing down our observations (small-group collaboration)
Inquiry brainstorming (class collaboration)
Heading out to visit our tree
Our Tree: Winter
SO excited to learn about the world!
The girls putting on a play
World Sharing Week was a success! Look at all the things the students brought in from different countries!
The students came up with some pretty creative words for the letter P sound!!!
Mrs. Williams doing a special sorting lesson with lots of lids
vocal warm-ups before singing in our Christmas Program on Friday
Happy Birthday Jesus!
Prayer Pal Christmas lunch
With the Grade 3 Class
The Grade 3 class taught us about roots and how we can be rooted in Christ
Visiting at the Riverside Retirement Residence
Our first plane ride: SK Airlines circling Canada
Sorting in Math
Very proud of their rocket with "jet blasters"
Mission Drive passing assembly line
Puppet show!
Feeding the birds
Leaving presents for the animals
Smelling the Cedar tree
Our class at Fanshawe Conservation Area
Show and Share: Things that remind us of Canada
Measuring the HUGE Canadian flag
Sandy the Sunflower has a new pot!
Our Tree (Late Fall)
We saw a nest in our tree!
Our Tree: Late Fall
Wacky Wednesday!
Our seedling from Mr. Collins
Our Tree: Early Fall
Our Tree: Early Fall
Our Tree: Late Summer
Mr. Collins, an arborist, taught us about trees
Our Buggy Party
Making an insect snack
Insect Charades
Exploring a moth
Preparing to bake pumpkin seeds
Our pumpkin, named "Mr. Freckles"
Our class at O'Shea's Pumpkin Farm
Estimating our pumpkin's size
Making handprint turkeys
Singing at the Thanksgiving Chapel
Thanking God with singing, flags and a parade
Filling out our September Calendar
We learned to draw our self portraits!
The Grade 2 class came to teach us about bees
Learning our addresses
God's creation is amazing!
Sandy the Sunflower is still growing!
Here is our Class Tree
Our tree has a red leaf!
We went on a Tree Walk to discover the different trees God created
Learning about metamorphosis - The butterfly life cycle
Art Project: Creating our tree
Very Hungry Caterpillar Math
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Learning Centre
Come into our class and see our cute baby photos!
Writing numbers
Insect Inquiry. The students are asking really great questions!
Come in our coatroom and learn all about us!
Planting sunflower seeds together
Building an "Animal Boat"
Our sunflower is growing!
"It's growing even taller!"
Graphing our families
Here's what we know about insects (Next week: What we want to learn)
Searching for insects outside