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Why LCA?

The Ministry of Education recently announced changes to the Ontario Health and Physical Education curriculum. Parents have wondered if this affects LCA. Please see our FAQ below.

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Thanks for considering London Christian Academy. We often get asked by parents, “What makes LCA different?” Well, there are a lot of things that make London Christian Academy different than your average school. Below you will find some general information about our school which supports our general purpose of offering “Christ-centred education providing a solid foundation for life”.

The following are some important components to life at LCA:

1. A Firm Foundation

  • Faith in Christ is foundational to everything we do (and not just for Sundays)
  • School subjects are taught from Christian worldview
  • We teach a distinct bible curriculum
  • We are represented by many different Christian denominations who are like-minded with our statement of faith.
  • Prayer is an important part of our daily routine – teachers pray for students and families at the start of each day, daily announcements are concluded with prayer and students have many opportunities to pray for each other in a variety of settings throughout their school week.
  • Prayer pals integrate students from different grade levels for prayer and encouragement. Younger students are mentored and older students develop spiritual leadership
  • We have weekly chapels focusing on a biblical theme and community worship
  • LCA recognizes that students are created in God’s image and we support them as they develop the gifts God has given to them
  • LCA staff partner with parents in the spiritual development of their children 

2. Role Models & Incredible Friends

  • Christian teachers serve as role models and mentors – they live out their faith in front of their students
  • Each child is treasured as an individual, and not just as another face in a crowded classroom
  • LCA teaches that all children belong to God, are loved by him and that we all have a place in his family
  • LCA has a diverse cultural community which also includes an international student program
  • Deep and lasting friendships are developed that carry on long after students graduate from our school

3. Life Lessons & Stepping Out

  • Each child is given the opportunity to develop the gifts that God has given to them
  • Intramural and extracurricular sports opportunities enhance each students physical and social development
  • Opportunities in music and arts are available through involvements in choir, concert band, worship teams, creative movement, drama, public speaking and visual arts
  • Leadership skills are developed both in the classroom and through extracurricular opportunities
  • Community outreach programs allow students to have an impact on the world by serving others locally and globally

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few more frequently asked questions that we often get asked.

Q: Does your school follow the Ontario curriculum?

A: London Christian Academy is an independent Christian school and therefore not required to adhere to Ministry of Education curriculum expectations. We do, however, intentionally follow their curriculum expectations in their general approach and design. We carefully review the ministry’s guidelines and follow the same basic topics of study. We also include biblical studies as part of our regular curriculum. While the topics of study are similar, our approach to them is different. We approach everything from a biblically based, Christian perspective and this impacts how we deliver all of our curriculum. We regularly review and revise our curriculum in order to meet the needs of our students and ensure a Christian perspective and high academic standards.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of your education?

A: We take part in nationally standardized tests and our students consistently fall in the top 25% nationally. We also follow the progress of our students as they go into high school and find that our students are able to do well, and even excel, in their secondary school endeavours academically, socially and spiritually.

This is what one of our parents shared with us recently:

“Our daughter graduated from LCA in 2013. At her high school's awards assembly, it was awesome to see so many LCA grads receiving awards for academic excellence...including the award for top academic average in the school. Teachers and those working with the London District Catholic School Board have told Pete and I that LCA grads have a reputation across the city's Catholic high schools as being a cut above other incoming grade 9's in every area - socially, academically, and even in terms of classroom behavior. When I was a grad student at Althouse, some of my professors and fellow students there told me that the work my kids were doing at LCA was beyond anything they saw in the schools they were involved in. The best investment we ever made.”  Kerry Wilson

Q: Regarding the recently introduced Ontario curriculum for September 2015, where does LCA stand on teaching sex-ed to kids?

A: LCA takes a biblical approach to teaching children about family and sexuality. 

Q: Do you offer any scholarships or bursaries to lower income families?

A: Yes we do. We have a bursary fund that is based on contributions from LCA supporters and is distributed to eligible families according to need. Please contact the school office for details with respect to the application process.

Q: Are there any tax breaks on tuition?

A: Yes there is. CRA sets an amount they determine as the “cost of education” and allows for tax receipts on tuition amounts above and beyond that amount. This results in potentially significant tax receipts being available to families enrolled at our school.

Q: Am I able to take a tour of the school?

A: Yes. Simply contact the school office by phone or email and we would be happy to arrange a convenient time for you to visit the school. We would count it a privilege to give you a tour of our facility, tell you more about our programs and answer any questions you may have.

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Q: Can you provide references of parents whose kids have attended LCA, or from the students themselves?

A: Yes we can. We’ve created an entire video library of testimonials from parents, students, alumni and community members at We would also be happy to put you in touch with parents or students from our school community.


Q: Do you have any literature you can send me?

A: Yes, please complete the form at the top (right) of this page and we'll send you out our Info Kit.

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