London Christian Academy

85 Charles Street
London, ON N6H 1H1
P: (519) 473-3332

Chapels and Assemblies

Our weekly chapel offers our students a time to gather together and worship in song, prayer and Bible teaching in the Junior and Senior divisions.  Many of our chapels feature student presentations of music and drama.  Other chapels hilight missionary guests who share their experiences with the students.  On special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas and Easter, the entire school assembles to celebrate.

Assemblies are held to acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments within the school body, such as the students' overwhelming response to the school-wide Food Drive, and recent team victories on the sports field.  Other assemblies have an academic focus - students recently had the opportunity to meet and ask questions of individuals running for municipal office, and enjoyed an entertaining presentation from a renowned children's author.  

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